The Exhibition

December 7 -14, 2014 at Künstlerhaus Göttingen e.V.

Inspired by different ways of everyday life, by social and political engagement, by artists’ perceptions of queer life and sexuality, we returned to Germany.

Our photographs, our sound and video installations show young boys singing Turkish love songs laden with desire on the stage of a gay bar, belly dancing in women’s clothes as well as cross dressing youth in the park. They then introduced us to a Kurdish trans woman who told us about both her experiences as a sex worker and with discrimination by the police.

The films show the presentation of the anti-homophobia-award “Hormonlu Domates“ hosted by the enchanting Mademoiselle Coco. We developed a film to accompany the “Queer Art“-exhibition organized by young art lovers from Istanbul. Merve, a trans-sex worker, invited us for breakfast and allowed us to shoot an interview film with her.

We are especially excited to introduce you to the art works of the young Istanbul-based artists Ceren Saner and Elif KK on love and sexuality.

We want our exhibition to be a visible and audible part of an important discourse, a platform for vivid exchange and for vital, critical, action-inspiring communication. Through our ethnographic approach, combined with queer-feminist exhibits, we want to contribute to contemporary documentary art.

Furthermore, we warmly welcome you to attend the accompanying lecture, film screening, Tea & Talk and children's workshop.

Mon, 08.12.2014
18 h
Lecture Dr. Peter Hörz (Uni Göttingen): „It’s not only the winter and the cold… It’s the people too… Back at home everybody is raw and vulgar…” Male Sexworkers – Ethnographic sketches on a multilocal lifestyle

Wed, 10.12.2014
18 h
Tea & Talk The Queerstanbul-Collectiv:
The exhibition organisers talk about their research experiences in Istanbul and their exhibition work.

Fr, 12.12.2014
20 Uhr
MY CHILD, Turkey 2013
Sprache: Turkish with English subtitles
Director: Can Candan
Production: Surela Film

MY CHILD is an independent feature documentary-in-production where parents of LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) individuals in Turkey intimately share their experiences with the viewer, as they redefine what it means to be parents, family, and activists in a conservative, homophobic, and transphobic society.

Sat, 13.12.2014
15 h
Children's workshop “We are painting a rainbow.”

Sun, 14.12.2014
16 h
Finissage Photo-Showing "Isn't it love?" of the artist Ceren Saner (Istanbul)

We are most delighted to present our collection in the exhibition “Queerstanbul“, debate and reflect, maybe even craft a little with you!

Until then, we wish you lots of Așk, Așk, Așk!